Is The Journey Travel Compass Necklace & Pendant

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Even when you are far away from friends and family or facing life's challenges you have the courage and power inside to navigate your own way. Life is an adventure and this compass will remind you to enjoy the journey as you wander, dream, and reach for your goals.


925 Sterling Silver. Great quality to last a lifetime. This will not turn your skin green or red or itchy :) it's the real deal, using sterling silver from the most reputable silver supplier in the country. The chain is dainty but strong. It will not break on you. Efy Tal Jewelry (the manufacturer) will always replace it for you if needed. The compass and directional letters on this dainty necklace are dark and easy to read.


18" - this length looks great on most women of any age.  This solid sterling silver pendant is small and dainty (10mm). Please see picture on model to see the scale. Understated and perfect for layering. This minimalist charm provides inspiration to choose your path--a great token of friendship from a bestie or parents, for a sister, daughter, teens, and other graduates.


Note: Please Allow 3 - 4 Weeks For Delivery